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[Commission] Janetis By Maxa-art
Commision of one my endgame characters in the MMO Anarchy Online, by the extremely talented :iconmaxa-art: ( go watch his gallery and buy his books) : Janetis, the fixer.

I haven't played AO for years, getting bored after finishing tweaking my 6th endgame character, but Janetis still has a special spot in my heart.
I remember her first steps, looking with wonder at everything she could do other professions couldn't, trying to raise her crafting skill and using custom built equipement ( rollerrat helmet and chemical streamer), ending to just raise her hacking abilities.
I remember when she bought and used her first grid-armor, an unique temporary-summoned armor, and how I could spend long times staring at it. How she used her new gear to run through instanced missions and develop a fixer-sense leading her almost flawlessly to the elevators.
I remember her first access to the fixer-grid, gazing at the beauty of the virtual environnement and thinking "My god, it's full of stars !", then realizing she had just found her home.
I remember when she got the mark IV grid-armor and a pair of Blinded Blackbirds, giving her the best gear a fixer playing for free could use at that time. Chilling in a bar, she was waiting for job requests for mission blitzes.
I remember when she got access to the paying content and discovered wide new worlds : the alien invasions, and the shadowlands.
I remember running all around the planet to tackle the threat of the Dustbrigade for the sheer fun of the speed, while her teammates prefered flying vehicles. I remember the instant team-evacs she used to get her team to the next objective in a matter of seconds.
I remember when she embraced the legacy of the Xan, which allowed her to find her lastest smg : the Envy of the Xan. When she joined friends in missions and raids for the simple joy of emptying clips with her new toys.

I remember, and won't forget.

A thousand thanks to :iconmaxa-art: for the details on the armor and weapons : any experimented AO player will recognize what she wears :) . Link to the original post on the artist's gallery :…
Star trails : 15 minutes (2)
Deuxième essai de retouche d'une photo de trainées d'étoiles, cette fois en jouant sur les seuils avec Gimp.
Temps d'exposition : 15 minutes.


Second attempt to rework a star-trails photo, this time using altering the thresholds under Gimp.
Exposure time : 15 minutes.

Original version :…
Star trails : 15 minutes (1)
Premier essai de retouche d'une photo de trainée d'étoiles pendant 15 minutes, en modifiant les courbes de couleurs sous Gimp.


First attempt to rework a 15-minutes star-trails photo, by altering the colour-channels under Gimp.

Original photo :…
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I don't usually do that, but 2015 calls for it :
_ I've discovered how love could change you. It's a drug, but the best kind : it changed me in a way I barely recognise myself from before.
_ I'm going regularly to the swimming pool : there's one that opened near that doesn't use chlorine and has a pool with waterjets : it feels so good even when you leave tired. I try to go at least once a week and the result is a visible muscle-mass increase : I have to change a replace a large number of my pants that were still pretty comfortable 6 months ago.
_ I've found a job : my first, at 35. It's not just the money increase, and the fact of knowing what to do when I wake up, but also a question of self-esteem : I can finally answer without shame to "what do you do as a job ?" . Yes ma'am, I'm a TICE, whatever the acronym means : "whenever there's a problem with computer-related stuff in your school, who you gonna call ? The TICE !"




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Newton dit bonjour, mais ma petite sœur habite chez nous avec ses quatre enfants depuis juste avant Noël, alors il est très préoccupé et ne me laisse pas le photographier comme d'habitude.
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