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[Commission] Janetis By Maxa-art by sylesis [Commission] Janetis By Maxa-art by sylesis
Commision of one my endgame characters in the MMO Anarchy Online, by the extremely talented :iconmaxa-art: ( go watch his gallery and buy his books) : Janetis, the fixer.

I haven't played AO for years, getting bored after finishing tweaking my 6th endgame character, but Janetis still has a special spot in my heart.
I remember her first steps, looking with wonder at everything she could do other professions couldn't, trying to raise her crafting skill and using custom built equipement ( rollerrat helmet and chemical streamer), ending to just raise her hacking abilities.
I remember when she bought and used her first grid-armor, an unique temporary-summoned armor, and how I could spend long times staring at it. How she used her new gear to run through instanced missions and develop a fixer-sense leading her almost flawlessly to the elevators.
I remember her first access to the fixer-grid, gazing at the beauty of the virtual environnement and thinking "My god, it's full of stars !", then realizing she had just found her home.
I remember when she got the mark IV grid-armor and a pair of Blinded Blackbirds, giving her the best gear a fixer playing for free could use at that time. Chilling in a bar, she was waiting for job requests for mission blitzes.
I remember when she got access to the paying content and discovered wide new worlds : the alien invasions, and the shadowlands.
I remember running all around the planet to tackle the threat of the Dustbrigade for the sheer fun of the speed, while her teammates prefered flying vehicles. I remember the instant team-evacs she used to get her team to the next objective in a matter of seconds.
I remember when she embraced the legacy of the Xan, which allowed her to find her lastest smg : the Envy of the Xan. When she joined friends in missions and raids for the simple joy of emptying clips with her new toys.

I remember, and won't forget.

A thousand thanks to :iconmaxa-art: for the details on the armor and weapons : any experimented AO player will recognize what she wears :) . Link to the original post on the artist's gallery :…
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